10 must try dishes in Tuscany

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

  1. Fettunta (traditional bruschetta) This is a freshly toasted Tuscan bread which has been rubbed with garlic and drizzled generously with olive oil finished off with a sprinkling of salt.

  2. Ribzilita (Tuscan white bean boiled again soup) What better way to use up stale bread than to toast it and dip it in soup which is prepared the day before and reheated so that the flavours intensify.

  3. Pappa al pomodoro Another simple yet flavoursome soup which has stale bread, vine ripened tomatoes and olive oil as the 3 main ingredients. This is comfort food at its best.

  4. Chicken liver Pate The chicken livers in this dish are cooked with vegetables until soft and mixed with capers and anchovies. This pate is often served with crostini.

  5. Lampredotto A very popular dish for lovers of offal. This is the fourth stomach of the cow and is served throughout Florence. It is served on panino which has been soaked in broth with salsa verde and black pepper on top of the lampredotto.

  6. Panzanella Another popular dish which uses unsalted bread, tomatoes, basil, red onion, olive oil, salt and vinegar. Most Italian people have their own spin on this salad. This is ideal on a hot Summer’s day.

  7. Pepose (Tuscan pepper beef) This dish enjoys the flavours of beef, red wine and anchovies which has been slow cooked so the beef is melt in the mouth quality.

  8. Potato Tortelli A traditional Tuscan pasta which comes in several shapes including square, twisted, round and semi circular. It is served with many different sauces or even just with melted butter and herbs.

  9. Cantucci These are amazing tasting almond biscotti which are hand made in Tuscany. They are usually served with a glass of Vin Santo.

  10. Torta della nonna (grandma’s cake) This has a shortcrust sweet pastry base with lemon and vanilla custard with crunchy pine nuts. There are many different versions of this dish.

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