• Jan Ghisoni

10 of the most popular dishes in Cambodia

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

  1. Fish Amok (steamed coconut fish in banana leaves) This is considered to be the signature dish of Cambodia and for that reason it has become the most well known with tourists. A thick fish based curry featuring freshwater fish, lemongrass, chilli, turmeric and coconut milk is served in a banana leaf wrap with rice.

  2. Bai Sach Chrouk (grilled pork and rice) Often served for breakfast although this could be eaten any time of the day or night. Pork slices are marinated in coconut milk and garlic and slowly grilled over charcoal. This dish is often accompanied by pickles, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber as well as a fried egg on top.

  3. Beef Lok Lak (beef cooked in a brown sauce) This is a Vietnamese inspired dish. Beef is cut into slices or cubes before being stir fried and served on a bed of salad with a zesty dipping sauce poured on top.

  4. Cha Kroeung Sach Moan (lemongrass chicken stir fry) A popular dish which gives off those salty, sweet, pungent and slightly spicy flavours which is typical of the Khmer cuisine.

  5. Sgnor Sach Moon (lemongrass chicken soup) Comfort food at its best. This soup is simple to make and will often be found in the kitchens of Cambodian women.

  6. Khmer Red Curry A traditional curry which isn’t as spicy as the Thai red curry which you may already be familiar with. These curries will come with different meat options as well as some vegetarian options.

  7. Meecha (fried noodles) This is one of the most popular foods in Cambodia. Noodles are eaten 24/7 and you can choose to eat them with chicken, pork, beef or just vegetables.

  8. Nom Pao (steamed pork bun) Usually eaten for breakfast. The dumplings are made from bread and filed with sausage meat and eggs.

  9. Samlor Korko (it means stirring soup) This dish has been eaten for hundreds of years. It is an authentic dish consisting of more than a dozen vegetables and fish or meat along with herbs and spices. Legend has it that this was the king’s favorite dish and it was made with hundreds of vegetables and fruit. Some people would argue that this is the signature dish of Cambodia rather than Fish Amok.

  10. Samlor Machu Trey (sweet and sour soup with fish) This is a sour soup with various vegetables and herbs depending on what is in season. You can also add additional herbs on top along with some chilli for extra spice.

Please refer to our blog about eating safely in Cambodia as some dishes such as soups, curries and fish which have been reheated or sitting around in the sun for too long could become unsafe to eat. It is much wiser to watch the food being cooked in front of you. Enjoy those other must try dishes in a cafe or restaurant.