• Jan Ghisoni

Australian Bush Tucker

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Let’s begin with a bit of a history lesson. Not many people know this but before 1788 there were more than 300,000 Aboriginal people living in tribes, around Australia. They were very self sufficient, relying on the land for everything they needed. They did a fine job of hunting and gathering their food and each tribe would share with one another what had been caught that day. It would seem that they made use of everything around them including plant food. The women would spend hours preparing the plants they had gathered to make everything edible for their main meal. They would spend hours boiling their produce as well as grinding herbs and seeds. The men would hunt for their protein which would include emu, kangaroo, goanna and literally anything that moved. If they were lucky enough to live close to the water they would have their pick of fish and seafood. Their diet was nutritionally balanced being high in protein, fibre, vitamins and low in fat. This food is known as the great Aussie bush tucker and has been around for thousands of years.

Fast forward 200 years to a multi cultural Australia. We have embraced different cuisines from all around the world and are very fortunate to taste all these wonderful flavours whether it be Italian, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, the list goes on. We even have the option of ordering in from our phones so we don’t even need to get off our seat to go and buy it!

Somehow we have overlooked what Australia has to offer and our native food has been left by the wayside. However many top end restaurants are recognising just how amazing their dishes can taste by including native foods as part of their menu. One example is Kangaroo meat which was first introduced in restaurants 25 years ago and it is now readily available to buy in supermarkets. We are also moving towards a more healthy diet as we understand the risks associated with a heavily processed diet. It therefore makes sense that we should use what is locally grown and available to us.

It will be a joy to share with our subscribers the unique flavours of Australian native ingredients including bush tomato, lemon myrtle, saltbush, mountain pepper leaf, and wattle-seeds to name but a few truly magical ingredients. What an incredible journey of culinary discovery and you can be a part of that.