What are Cambodian People Like?

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Cambodian people are some of the nicest people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. From the moment you step outside the airport you will be greeted by big smiling faces and they are genuine smiles. For older Cambodian people, their smiles will hide a world of pain due to the years of hell they experienced in the 1970s when the Khmer Rouge dominated their country. What they witnessed were some of the worst ever atrocities inflicted on mankind. What they went through shows just how resilient these people are.

Cambodian people value their tourists and as a result you will be made to feel welcome wherever you go. You might be in a market place, tuk tuk, hotel, taxi or simply asking for directions. No matter what they will do whatever they can to help you. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them. They will also do their best to communicate with you in English. They are genuinely interested in where you come from and what you do. Take the time to get to know them and learn about their culture and if you have the opportunity visit their home if invited.

Cambodians are used to a very simple lifestyle and this is how it was prior to the tourism industry taking off. 75 percent of Cambodian people still work on the land. They are hard working, often under challenging conditions. They are often working long hours for very little pay. Their main sources of work are in the rice fields as well as in factories.

Despite being one of the poorest nations in the world, Cambodian people are happy and they appreciate the simple things in life. Family and friends and religion is very important to them. They are also extremely proud of their heritage and will willingly answer any questions you might have regarding the history of their country.

Do take the time to get to know these incredible people and show your support to them by simply choosing Cambodia as your next destination to explore once our world is back to a new normal and borders reopen.