• Jan Ghisoni

Which dried herbs and spices should be a pantry staple

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

We all rely on our pantry staples to assist us in coming up with a quick and easy meal, particularly when we are short on time and tired at the end of our working day. It is just as important to have a few dried herbs and spices on standby especially if we are keen to experiment with new recipes. Let’s start by looking at the type of meals which we cook on a regular basis. Are these the meals and flavours which we enjoy the most? Let’s also look at some recipes which look appealing to our taste buds and make a note of the herbs and spices used. There is no doubt that herbs and spices provide our food with some amazing flavours, aromas and colours which is important to all of our senses.

Here is a general list of staples which most amateur cooks have stored in their pantries.

Cayenne Pepper - used to add heat to a dish but use very sparingly

Chilli Powder - used to add spice to dishes including chilli con carne, enchiladas and tacos.

Cinnamon - used in both savoury and sweet dishes including waffles and pancakes.

Coriander Powder - used mainly in Indian, Mexican and Thai dishes.

Cracked Black Pepper - used to enhance all types of dishes.

Cumin Powder - used in many cuisines including African, Indian, Mexican and Middle Eastern.

Curry Powder - used in Indian and Asian dishes. A great combination of upto 20 spices.

Garlic Powder - used as a replacement for fresh garlic and as part of a spice rub for meat.

Ginger Powder - used mainly in baking and sweet desserts.

Italian Seasoning - used in pasta dishes and on top of pizzas. A blend of many dried herbs.

Nutmeg - used in both sweet and savoury dishes.

Onion Powder - used to flavour dishes when you want that real onion flavour.

Oregano - used in pasta sauces and on pizzas.

Red Pepper Flakes - used to increase the heat in a dish. The spice increases with cooking.

Sea Salt - used to adjust the seasoning of a dish to your liking. It also contains trace minerals

Smokey Paprika - used to give a chipotle flavour

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